Brochure Design Checklist for Beginners

Businesses and organizations of all kinds and sizes use brochures to promote their products and services. A properly designed brochure can be a very useful and versatile tool for marketing because it allows you ample space in which to convey your message to the reader. Many companies and organizations use the services of a professional graphic artist to design their brochures, however many small business owners are faced with the task of creating their own marketing brochures and are not sure how to begin. Below is a checklist to guide you through the process of designing your own brochure.

Focus on Your Target Audience

Before you even begin to lay out your brochure design, you must first zero in on your target audience. Think about the group you are attempting to reach and this will help you develop content for your brochure that grabs their attention. Learn what motivates your customers and use copy and images that deliver a message that appeals specifically to them.

The Cover

A well-designed cover is the most important part of your brochure, so be certain it catches the attention of your targeted readers and presents your exclusive offer immediately. A good brochure cover will make the reader want to learn more. Using bold headlines and eye-catching photos or images is essential. Presenting a unique selling proposition on the cover will entice your audience to want to learn more about your products and services and what makes your company's offer not only different, but better than your competition's.

Information Packed Headlines and Subheads

Many people look at a printed brochure and only skim the headlines and subheads to gather the information they need. That is why is it vital that your brochure headlines and subheads clearly and concisely impart the information you want your audience to know. There should be enough information in your headlines and subheads to convey your message even if your target audience does not read the body copy.

Body Copy

The body copy in your printed brochures should focus on your target market and how your can meet their specific needs. Use language that is conversational and delivers your offer in a way that connects with your readers and is easy to understand.

High Quality Graphics and Photographs

It is very easy to incorporate professional-looking photos and images into your printed brochure. Using stock images is one way to get professional photos. If you are using your own photos, be certain they are very high quality. If you can, use the services of a professional photographer for your company photos. It is well-worth the investment.

Fold Options

You have many choices in paper size and folding options when printing a brochure. Folding options include the Z-fold, Tri-fold, Accordian Fold, and Half or Bi-Fold to name a few. Whatever paper size and folding options you choose may be determined by the content and images you are using in your design.

Easy to Read Typefaces

It is critical that you use a font or typeface on your printed brochure that is easy to read. For best results use no more than two or three fonts or different versions in a single font family in your design. To give your brochure a very polished look, be consistent throughout by using the same font for all headlines, another for the body copy and perhaps a third for photo captions.

Attention-Getting Captions

Captions should be simple and concise to avoid clutter. People will usually read captions so make sure they are both compelling and persuasive.

Have A "Call To Action"

Every good printed brochure includes a specific "Call To Action". What do you want your customers to do? If you want them to "Order Now"-say so! Would you like them to "Call Today" or perhaps "Visit our Website"? Decide your "Call To Action" and state it clearly for your readers.

Choosing a Brochure Printer

Online printing companies are usually less expensive than local print shops, but make sure you compare price, quality and service when choosing an online printing service to print your company brochures. Print It Fast Online guarantees the highest quality, low prices and quick delivery of your printed brochures. We provide Brochure Templates and a Design Guide to assist you in creating the perfect brochure for your business or organization. Stop by Print It Fast Online today for all your brochure printing needs.

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