QR Codes On Promotional Brochures and Flyers

Get the most out of your printed marketing materials by incorporating QR Codes, the latest mobile technology, into your promotional brochures and flyers. Every type of business or organization, large or small can benefit from the use of QR Codes.

What Is A QR Code?

A QR Code, which is short for Quick Response Code, is simply a 2-D barcode that can be scanned by a smart phone's camera. The information embedded in the QR code is then transferred to the user's smart phone. This information could be simple text, a URL, contact information or a phone number. The uses are wide and varied and only limited by one's creative thinking.

Why Use QR Codes On Promotional Brochures and Flyers?

Utilizing QR Codes on all your printed promotional material is a smart move, but it is an especially valuable element when added to your company's brochure. Use QR Codes on your printed brochure to help customers instantly "Like" your Facebook page or connect them immediately to additional online information about your company, products or services. Perhaps you have a demonstration video on YouTube you want potential customers to see. Having a QR Code link on your brochure is the perfect solution.

Flyers promoting a special event such as a concert or show could include a QR Code that lets people link to music samples online or even view a sneak preview of the coming entertainment. Flyers for an event such as a special closeout sale could have a QR Code link to a web page where potential customers can view all the sale products in advance. Real Estate or Property Auction advertising flyers with QR Codes could immediately supply potential buyers with property details, open house or sale dates or other crucial listing details.

The number of ways to harness the power of marketing with QR Codes is limitless. However you choose to incorporate QR Codes into your business marketing plan, keep in mind that enlisting the services of a quality printing company is key to your success. Choose your printing company carefully to avoid buying printed brochures or full color flyers with QR Codes that cannot be scanned because of low quality printing.

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