Nightclub or Event Promotion with Club Flyers

There are several ways to promote your nightclub, venue, party, or event. Many resources should be utilized to ensure you reach your target market, but no method is more effective than Club Flyers to help draw a large crowd, improve brand awareness, and increase profits.

Follow these tips to get the most value from Club Flyer Marketing.

Start With Good Club Flyer Design

Club Flyers should be unique and interesting, yet readable and uncluttered. Make your Club Flyers stand out with eye-catching graphics and bold headlines.

Don't get carried away with using too many different fonts. One or two font families will give your design a more cohesive look. For maximum visibility, use a full color graphic or photo. One large image will have more impact than several small ones.

Deliver Value

Customers want to know you appreciate their business. What better way than to offer them a great deal with Club Flyers? It could be a discount or free admission before a certain time, a drink special or even a map to your location. Using Club Flyers as an entry form to a prize drawing is a great way to collect email addresses, building your database for future promotions.

Call To Action

One of the most important elements of your Club Flyers is having commanding copy with a "Call to Action" such as "Order Your Tickets Today" or "Register Now". Be clear and concise by telling your clients what you want them to do and you will see results with larger crowds and bigger profits.

Distributing Club Flyers

You have the perfect eye-catching Club Flyer, but what is the best way to reach your target market? Find out the locations your target audience frequents and start there. Here are some Club Flyer distribution ideas:

  • Utilize a Street Distribution Team to hand out or place under vehicle wipers
  • Local grocery or convenient store display
  • Other local businesses your target audience frequents
  • Direct Mail
  • College Campuses
  • Coffee Shops or Internet Cafes
  • Near other venues

Always make sure you have permission before distributing Club Flyers at any location.

Club Flyer Printing

When choosing a Club Flyer Printer, look for quality, service and value. Print It Fast Online has excellent prices on the highest quality Club Flyer Printing. We offer a wide variety of Club Flyer sizes in your choice of 14 Pt or 16 Pt stock. Choose a classy matte finish or a durable, eco-friendly UV coating on one or two sides.

Print It Fast Online has Free Club Flyer Product Templates and a Design Guide to help you create unique and creative full color Club Flyers that will boost your image and help draw large crowds to your night club or event. We're here to help you. Customer satisfaction is our top priority at Print It Fast Online.

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